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Procedural generation (procgen) art is a genre in which the artist designs rules for constructing a piece and explores variations using parameters in those rules. Rules can be written for a computer or for execution by hand, but here we'll largely stick to computer programs.


We like to explore aesthetic worlds as well as the thought structures that take us there. This is a presentation in two parts, about some of the worlds we have seen as well as creativity tools we've developed for discovering new ones.


The works you'll find here are all rendered live in javascript using canvas, but any programming language could be used to do the job. We use javascript because it makes it easy to share on the web and allows others to edit and recreate what we've done. It's the perfect medium for sharing.


This site and associated works are made by @hoqqanen with consultation from @mpixdb. We are a pair of longtime collaborators making interactive and thought-provoking aesthetic experiences. We hope you enjoy this little project, and we'd love to hear from you!
A Handful of Processes
random walks
color maps
three pillars
description language

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You can browse more of my work (code is visable and editable) on codepen. I also teach individuals and groups, so if you want to become a procgen wizard please get in touch with